Tarantula Creature Feature Delivers Black & White Glory With Cheese Ball Acting

This film is jam packed with over the top bad special effects, one liners, and a goofy horn blowing soundtrack. The late great John Agar ...
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Hercules from 1958 groupshot

This Italian Production of Hercules Is Truly Epic And Fun To Watch

From the very beginning of this movie I knew it was a winner. The soundtrack is top notch, gushing with horns and big, cavernous drums ...
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Treasure Island Book Cover From 1911

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Is The 1880s Equivalent To An Action Movie

I recently had a great time reading this classic book. Treasure Island is absolutely worth reading, and it truly is a page turner. I know ...
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Instax Camera

Work The Instax Mini Cameras Like A Champ

Taking pictures with an instant film camera sounds easy enough. And it is for the most part so that's good just to get out in ...
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360 render of an old house produced in Blender

Creepy House 360 Render Scene Created in Blender

I had to give one of these 360 renders a try and wow, it came out kind of cool! The results are making me want ...
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Achilles Slays Hecyor by Rubens

The Iliad by Homer, Translated by Alexander Pope. Stop What You’re Doing And Read This!

Such a masterpiece of classical writing. It reads like very melodic novel and although translated centuries ago, it has very contemporary style. Read this version ...
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Red Mills photo by Daniel Finnerty

Photographer Daniel Finnerty’s Favorite New Images

The interesting work photographer Daniel Finnerty has been producing is both haunting and yet beautiful. Through the use of pixelation, these images evoke a sort ...
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